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About Dr. Petersen

Let us help identify and correct the root causes
of your persistent roadblocks to great health and longevity.

Dr. Petersen is an international leader in Lyme disease, addiction recovery, chronic illness, thyroid disorders, hormone therapy, and pain management.

"Dr. Petersen has such great empathy for his patients and goes over and beyond to help his patients."

Dr. Petersen is a nationally recognized Lyme disease specialist.  His approach to illness is wholistic.  As such he treats environmental toxins, endocrine disfunction, autonomic disfunction, electromagnetic disfunction, and any other infections in addition to Lyme disease.  As a leader in Lyme disease management, Dr. Petersen has dedicated his career to unraveling the complexities of this debilitating condition. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of medicine is evident in his work in areas such as addiction recovery, chronic illness, thyroid disorders, hormone therapy, and pain management. 
Dr. Petersen’s approach addresses conditions that often elude traditional diagnosis and treatment methods. He has earned a reputation as a trusted advocate for patients struggling with hormonal imbalances, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative conditions. His dedication to these complex health challenges has transformed many patient’s lives. 
Before his tenure as the chief of staff for Forum Health, Dr. Petersen served as the hospital chief of staff in Wellington Texas. This invaluable experience allowed him to recognize the limitations of conventional medicine and inspired him to seek better solutions. With 24 years of experience as a physician, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a visionary perspective to every patient he serves. His pioneering spirit, coupled with his exceptional expertise in Lyme disease and related conditions, makes him a beacon of hope for patients seeking a path to healing and wellness in the face of complex medical challenges.


Lyme, Addiction Recovery, Chronic Illness, Thyroid Disorders, Hormone Therapy, & Pain Management


Dr. Petersen is a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He completed the organization’s fellowship in stem cell therapy. He also previously served on the board of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Petersen please contact the West Jordan office at (801) 607-5268 or the Orem office at (801) 607-5270.