TruSculpt 3D® Body Contouring

TruSculpt 3D® Body Contouring Treatment in Greater Salt Lake City

A non-surgical body contouring treatment.


The truSculpt 3D body-sculpting device uses noninvasive radio frequency (RF) to target, heat, and destroy fat cells under your skin.

Forum Health uses truSculpt 3D to address stubborn fat — especially for people who already diet and exercise.

It’s approved by the FDA for circumferential reduction of the abdomen and flanks.


How does truSculpt® work?

Your Forum Health provider will use the truSculpt® 3D on your problem areas, emitting a radio frequency that deeply penetrates the fat layer while maintaining a pain-free and comfortable temperature on your skin — akin to a hot stone massage. The targeted fat cells are broken down by the truSculpt technology, then removed from the body naturally as waste.


Problem areas that can be targeted include:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Chin/Neck

One 60-minute session provides clinically proven results in the most common treatment areas — the abdomen and flanks.

Cutera, truSculpt® creator


How many body contouring treatments do you need?

Noticeable results are often achieved after only one truSculpt® 3D session with a Forum Health provider. The process of breaking down fat cells begins as soon as the radio frequency is applied to the problem area, and over the course of the next six to eight weeks, your body will continue to break down fat cells and flush them as waste.

Some patients opt to undergo a second truSculpt® 3D treatment for additional targeting of the problem area, or to treat additional problem areas.


Not near our Salt Lake City and Orem offices?

No problem, our Forum Health Utah team is available to you no matter where you are.

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