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Our Happy Patients

Dr. Petersen is the best doctor I have ever been to in my life. I highly recommend you see him if others in the regular medical field have let you down. He’s incredibly smart and explains everything in a way that it makes sense to you. Do yourself a favor and go see him!!!

Love the whole staff here! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My health has drastically improved since I started going to Forum Health. A big thanks to the West Jordan team! Highly recommend!

Dr. Peterson is very knowledgeable about the treatment of lyme and co infections. He sat with me and throughly went through my history and gave me his thought and run down of my personalized treatment. Highly recommend

Dr. Petersen and his staff, especially Anna, have been amazing to work with. I was one of his original patients when he moved to Utah and he has helped me more than any doctor ever. Thank you so much Dr. Petersen and the staff at Forum Health. You are a blessing!

Dr. Seibold is the man! Follow his protocol and you will see improvements towards better health. It may cost a bit, but considering the years of illness and missed work, not to mention missing out on life because of illness, its worth every penny. Thanks Dr. Seibold!

Dr. Petersen is an awesome physician and human being. Although I still have some ways to go to fully recover, I have come a long way from where I started my journey. Ignored and misdiagnosed by many docs, trust me when I say that he’s one of the best - esp for lyme and other microbial infections. Thank you Dr. Petersen for your hard work, for always trying even when you don’t have all the answers, and for truly believing everyone can get better.

I met with Dr. Petersen and I was very impressed. He is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable! I know he specializes in Lyme, Gut health, and hormones but I went for overall health and just not feeling like I was where I should be and I was really glad I went, it was expensive but worth it. He gave me such in depth information and explained it in a way I could easily understand. He also clearly cares and spent an extra hour with me, only leaving when his MAs had to drag him out for his next patient, so haha be patient if you have to wait a little or he is running behind! I will definitely continue to see him and recommend him to anyone else as well!

Dr. Petersen and his staff are great. His staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Petersen is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. I’ve had some pretty serious liver issues and he’s gone above and beyond to help me. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. I’d definitely recommend Utah, Forum health.

The staff at Forum Health are kind, good communicators, relaxed and professional. Dr. Seibold is an amazing doctor- extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, respectful, very clear communication about what lab results mean and explaining the mechanisms behind various different treatment options. Im being treated for mold toxicity, neurological /late stage Lyme, Bartonella, activated chronic EBV, hypothyroidism, and extreme hormonal imbalances. I’ve made more improvement in a few months here than did in 6 months at a different clinic with a Lyme Literate provider

Doctor Peterson is the best doctor I've ever been to. He's absolutely brilliant and especially when diagnosing very obscure autoimmune diseases and it's greatly helped me with my cancer. I've seen him for the last 5 years and I feel so much better today than I did 5 years ago hands down. He's expensive but one hundred percent worth it. Plus he gives you at least an hour of his time and listens to every single concern. You have nothing too big or small for him and he will figure it out. If you're on the fence just go!

My daughter has been in treatment for Lyme's disease with Forum Health for three years. They have given her her life back. She has two little kids and she was just always sick and in bed. She still has some bad days once in a while but overall is doing a ton better. The thing that I like is that the doctors at Forum Health are always trying to learn more and receiving ongoing education about the issues that they deal with. I have been very involved with her treatment along the way. I was so impressed with their unique approach to healthcare that I opted to use them for hormone therapy after I went through menopause. My husband also sees them and we have referred many of our friends to go and see them. We had some vitamin deficiencies and some adrenal problems that we never would've known about. Since we have started seeing them we have lost weight and have more energy just because we have taken supplements and taking their advice. Nurse practitioner Ann has amazing bedside manner and really listens to your needs. Regular blood tests which are covered by any insurance reveal great information to helping you feel your very best. They also have a great patient portal that I can always email any questions I have. I always get a response back within a day or two. We have also taken our teenage daughter there for anxiety and depression. Our 16-year-old nephew is 100 pounds overweight, he is very active and there is no explanation. He is just starting treatment there but I have no doubt that they will work until they figure out how to help his issues. If you have autoimmune disease , hormone issues, overweight Or you just lack energy and are not feeling your best, I highly recommend that you go and see them. They are very reasonably priced. Most doctors give you five minutes and when you come here you sit in a nice comfy chair and have a meeting with the doctor face-to-face that usually lasts between a half hour and an hour. Problems really get solved."

Forum Health Utah is an amazing place for healing. Dr Peterson has such great empathy for his patients and goes over and beyond to help his patients. Anne his NP compassion for treating patients and wanting to help them heal is an amazing. The support people in the office are wonderful and are also there cheering you on while going through the treatment process. Dr Peterson is always researching and learning the newest treatments and wants nothing but health for his patients. When all of doctors refused to test for Lyme because I live in Texas, Dr Peterson did and we have been making progress ever since my diagnosis. It's a wonderful place with wonderful people."

"I feel 50-60% better, my [health] improvements started the day I saw Dr. Petersen in August when he put me on the shakes, it helped me with my pain from the lyme, I was able to get off some anxiety Rx's, I was able to start working again. Before I saw Dr. Peterson my previous Dr. wanted to have me committed due to all my severe panic attacks, anxiety and violent emotions, I use to want to die. The week before my period I was so nauseous I felt pregnant, had weird rashes and swollen eyes, these are now gone, all the vitamins and minerals and Rx's really helped and everyone is noticing."

"Seibold shared science backed options that were non traditional and also uses traditional approaches for Lyme, such as antibiotics. Now these treatments aren't cheap but so far I'm thinking it will be less than my out-of-pocket limit."

I have been seeing Dr. Peterson since 2013/2014 Dr. Andrew Peterson brings not only his experience working as an ER Doc and in Hospital Management in Texas. He also is beyond brilliant and trained in so many areas that most Lyme Doctors in Utah cannot compete. His hospital work was unbelievably helpful when I had pancreatitis, osteomyelitis, gall bladder surgery, grand Mal seizures. And at one point I had a blood clot and I was sceptic. Because he has the hospital training he knew the tests I needed and he could help me in all areas of health. He actually moved into Lyme because he loved his patients and he found he just could not heal everyone and he knew there was something missing. He has done everything in his capacity to help me. His staff and team consistently go above and beyond for me. We have been through a lot of ups and downs together all working toward one goal. His office run by Urie who also runs SOT management and many other areas. Urie is from Venezuela and was a surgeon himself in Venezuela. I am still working towards 100 percent 10 years later. I lost both of my parents a few years ago. Dr Peterson has cried with my husband and I during some of my most difficult trials it is so refreshing to have someone that believes you. I did not get sick overnight. And I knew I couldn’t get better overnight. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you don’t have your health you really have nothing. I spent a few years before I found Dr P seeing every doctor recommended to me. It’s so nice in 2023 to be able to get a diagnosis fast. After two years we finally got to Dr P. I was positive for Babesia, Chronic Epstein Barr, High Heavy Metal Toxins. Mold Toxins and many other things. It has taken a lot of years to get well. I was willing to try whatever was out there. Whatever the newest treatment was. I think everything I did actually helped me get to the point I am at. It is not one specific thing. There are definitely different areas you have to hit to be on the path to wellness. Everyone has a different road. And everyone’s body responds differently. Different reviews are many times the office staff or financial issues. But be your own advocate go to the person you feel will be best for you. And has the most knowledge of the best treatments. For me hands down it is Dr Peterson. I have seen other Doctors and he can do everything that any other person recommends. And he can do more than other Lyme person can do. Lyme is very difficult. Anyone struggling with it can find solace in the Lyme Community. And the person that has helped me the most is Dr Peterson."


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