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Masterclass: Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Tools for Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance


Do you keep gaining weight despite eating well and exercising? Have you plateaued in your weight loss journey and don’t know why? Frustrated with counting calories and not seeing results?

In this masterclass, Functional Medicine providers Dr. Andrew Petersen and Patricia De Angelis, NP will crack the code on shedding those extra pounds by addressing weight loss resistance using a root-cause approach.

In This Masterclass You Will Learn

This presentation is especially relevant if you're...

  • Struggling to lose weight and maintain your results despite diet and exercise
  • Have a history of trying weight loss diets and supplements that never seem to work
  • Have a metabolic imbalance, thyroid disorder, hormone imbalance or slowed metabolism
  • Are struggling with chronic inflammation, gut health issues and/or a chronic illness
  • Want to finally get to the root-cause of their weight loss resistance and end the vicious cycle of gaining weight.

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